God is a Brown Girl Too®

celebrating the divine within


Quotes I am honored to have received an email leading me to God is a Brown Girl Too 3 years ago. Rev. Loving creates a environment of support, acceptance, grace and love. Each and everytime I attend a service or retreat I am balanced. The warmth and open arms of love is the first thing that greets you when you walk through the door; NO MATTER HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN. I thank God everyday for the family I have found. Quotes
Melissa Audige-Perkins

Quotes God is a Brown Girl Too is a lovely, uplifting experience. I was honored to be able to share the traditions of the Ausar-Auset Society by pouring libations to the blessed ancestors; grateful to be able to enact the story of the Brown Girl unfolding as Spirit; glad to be able to meet new and beautiful sisters transforming their lives in the Divine, surrounded by the whispered breeze through the trees, the bird singing and the multitude of fireflies lighting the evenings along the Hudson River. Everyone should give themselves the gift of hearing the voice within in the soothing setting of this retreat. Quotes
Aakhu Tuah Nera Freeman
Actor, Visionary, Vegetarian, Goddess

Quotes God is a Brown Girl Too is something that all women should experience. It's magical. It's magnificent. It's about us in a way that we have never been about us before. It pushes us beyond the mundane and pulls us to be the visionaries that we are. It makes you experience the love that God is sending you in so many ways. Quotes
Rev. Dr. Myrtle Ross
Retired Educator, Spiritual Teacher, Divine Mother

Quotes I tell all of my friends about God is a Brown Girl Too. My friend Emma and I went and had a fabulous time. We not only found a spirit of love and grace but also one of laughter and enjoyment. We could share our wisdom but also let down our hair and be ourselves. You don't want to miss this fabulous retreat. Quotes
Hon. Charlotte Brown
Judge, Reverend and Mother

Quotes God is a Brown Girl Too is a wonderful space for women of all ages, backgrounds and visions to leave the hustle and bustle of material demands and remember who they are in Christ. I was able to do some deep personal introspection and share in a way that not only changed me in the moment but provided for lasting transformation. I look forward to being with my sisters in the light again. Quotes
Rev. Sandra Williams
Pastor and Founder of SISTERS CENTERING

Quotes I attended the God is a Brown Girl Too retreat and took my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. It was one of the most important transformation times that we experienced. I felt a peacefulness and centering that I haven't felt in years. It gave me the opportunity to feel the Spirit in a way that I have never felt before. I can't wait to get back to a retreat. This time, I will definitely bring my friends. Quotes
Fern Rankin, Esq.
Lawyer, Mother and Satisfied Retreat Participant

Quotes Congratulations for your hard work, creativity and successful implementation of your vision of God in our midst!! I was grateful to attend your God is Brown Girl Too Retreat on behalf of New York Theological Seminary. It was an amazing event that benefited everyone present as well as the institutions, communities of faith and organizations that we collectively represented. The sessions were personally inspirational and gratifying. Thank you! Quotes
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Diaz
Director, NYTS Resource Center for Women in Ministry

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