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God is a Brown Girl Too®, founded by Reverend Cecilia Loving, celebrates the spiritual empowerment of women and girls of color throughout the world.  Rev. Loving says "When this community of like-minded women comes together something magical always happens.  For one thing, we are instantly reminded that we can move from the ordinary and reclaim the extraordinary power within."  

God is a Brown Girl Too calls on sisters everywhere to embrace the inexhaustible source of Spirit as their own.  This bold assertion is taken from the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Jesus said the Kingdom of God is neither here nor there; it is within us (Luke 17:21).  When women witness the Kingdom within them, they help support the transformation of the entire universe.  When we claim victory for ourselves, we claim it for the rest of the world.  The only true victory is the awareness that humanity unlimited power and potential.

The book God is a Brown Girl Too discards the notion of God as only an old white man.  In 150

 pages,  God speaks to black women as themselves.  How?  Because as Luke 17:21 makes clear, the kingdom of God is within each and every one of us.  ?I want black girls and women throughout the nation and the world to begin to see God as their own reflection,? Rev. Loving, an African-American, says. ?Black people?not just girls and women--need to rid themselves of the centuries-old image of God as a person unlike themselves.  We need to transcend traditions that no longer serve us and begin to own God for ourselves. If we don't, we will never receive the spiritual insights we need to rise above circumstances in the world.?

Narrating the book in the voice of a black woman, Rev. Loving offers interpretation and perspective on well-known biblical passages. Throughout, she makes her case as to why she believes God is whoever we are: neither black nor white, straight or gay.

A former NYC lawyer turned preacher, Rev. Loving formed SPIRITMUV®, a non-denominational church in New York City, after practicing law for more than 20 years.

God is a Brown Girl Too was published by Brooklyn-based Myrtle Tree Press and is available on this website, through amazon.com and other on-line book stores, as well as in stores where ever books are sold.  Rev. Loving's first book, Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness, can also be purchased on this website, through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and wherever books are sold.  Her latest two books, God is a Lawyer Too: Ten Laws of Unlimited Success and the Ten Laws of Unlimited Success Workbook, is also available wherever books are sold, as well as on this website.


Raquiba LaBrie, Prayer Leader for God is a Brown Girl Too, is a business development consultant and was former Director of the United States Programs' Equality and Opportunity Fund at the Open Society Institute.  She is also Prayer Director of SPIRITMUV. 

Bayliss Fiddiman, one of the "Power-Affriming Mentor Program" leaders for God is a Brown Girl Too (see Mentor Page on this website), is a recent law graduate of Northeastern Law School and an alum of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with Commonwealth College Honors distinction. 

 Elizabeth Walker is the Administrative Manager for God is a Brown Girl Too, as well as Membership Minister for SPIRITMUV.  She is also a Senior Legal Assistant at the Orrick Herrington law firm.  

Bianca Townsend, Spiritmuv Photographer and resident Massage Therapist, provides a special healing through touch ministry in the Brown Girl Healing Room.  So make sure you sign up for her "laying on of hands" service during the retreats. 

Last but not least, we have to lift up Drake Colley, who produced the Victory is Our Name album, which will be finished by 2014, the time of our Returning to the Vortex Retreat.  The God is a Brown Girl Too tracks from the Home Page, featuring MAYA, is one of the tracks on the upcoming album. 

All agree that there is no need to search for the Kingdom of God, which is waiting for us to awaken to the love within.  Thus, God is a Brown Girl Too is not only for "brown girls" everywhere but for the conscious evolution of all humanity.  As Reverend Loving says, "salvation is not merely faith, but knowing that we are the pure potential of infinite possibilities and the beautiful miracles of inexhaustible supply."  

she wishes she could tell you the beginning
so that you would realize the end
is the glory of a song
and a dance
with heart and meaning,

the poetry of creation
always leading back to itself.

(from the book entitled God is a Brown Girl Too   ©2011 Cecilia Loving)

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